byFounders x Mazanti x Cooley: Deal Terms Pre- and Post Corona

Published 12 June 2020


On 10 June 2020, partner Frederik Hasling and attorney-at-law Julie Høi-Nielsen attended episode 11 of byFounders’ ‘The Situation Room’ alongside Cooley LLP partner Kevin Rooney, where venture terms pre- and post Corona was up for discussion. Julie and Frederik is constantly tracking the changes in the Danish venture market, whereas Kevin is an expert in international law with a particular focus on foreign companies entering the U.S.

What impact is the ongoing situation having on the terms VCs offer to founders? Have the terms shifted in favor of the investors and will we be seeing less founder-friendly term sheets compared to what we’ve seen in recent years going forward? These are some of the questions we discuss in the episode.

We’ve uploaded our full presentation from the episode here, and you can find a recording of the episode here as well as a summary of the critical points for you to read here.