New Recommendations from the Danish Council for Social Responsibility and Global Goals

Published 5 October 2022


The Council for Social Responsibility and Global Goals has presented 8 recommendations to the Danish government.

The recommendations focus on how public authorities and companies can strengthen their transition to a circular economy and due diligence for sustainability. The aim is to prepare them for the increasing pressure arising from investors and consumers and arising in relation with expected future legislative requirements from EU.

In relation to due diligence for sustainability, the following three recommendations have been presented:

  • There must be greater focus on the risk-based approach and fewer topics left to national discretion in the proposed EU directive on due diligence.
  • Public authorities should be required to have processes to deal with current and potential negative impacts on human rights and the environment in public procurement.
  • Greater focus should be placed on the responsibility of both authorities and companies to support sustainable development in developing countries.

These recommendations are related to the proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence which the European Commission adopted in February this year. In general, the Danish Council has in their recommendations clarified what the government shall work for in the ongoing and upcoming EU negotiations of the proposal as well as in the future implementation.