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We aim at easing the process of building a business with a variety of tools and insights. Based on our profound expertise and wide-ranging experience we have developed a set of templates available for companies, entrepreneurs and investors to create their own tailormade legal documents.

The Docs Generator is made available to you free of charge. Use it to create legal documents for ApS Incorporation or Series Seed Equity Financing.

How it works

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Step 1
1. Choose type of document

Choose the legal document you wish to generate for either incorporation of a Danish private limited liability company (in Danish: "Anpartsselskab" or "ApS") or a Series Seed Equity Financing. Click on 'open link' and you’ll be directed to the generator.

Step 2
2. Fill in the questionnaire

Answer questions in a web based questionnaire. The document generator will take you through a series of steps, including instructions and explanotary notes, that will allow you to create customized legal documents in a simple way. There is no registration requirement and the document generator is available to you free of charge.

Step 3
3. Download and use

You will be able to preview the document as you go through the questionnaire. When completed, you simply save and download your generated legal documents. Make sure to review your answers upon completion.

ApS Incorporation

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1. Articles of Association

The rules for the company defining i.a. the responsibilities of the management, the kind of business to be undertaken, and how the shareholders exert control over the company. The articles of association may be altered during the lifetime of the company by the general meeting.

2. Memorandum of Association

The resolution made by the founders to form the company. The memorandum is not altered during the lifetime of the company.

3. Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors

The internal regulations of the company's board of directors in conducting its business.

4. Shareholders’ Register

The company’s register of its shareholders and the allocation of the share capital and votes between them.

Series Seed Equity Financing

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1. Term Sheet

A (non-binding) commercially negotiated agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made. It serves as a template to develop more detailed legally binding documents.

2. Investment Agreement

An agreement establishing the terms of an investment specifying such things as the amount of the investment and the rights and obligations of the investor, the founders and the target company.

3. Shareholders’ Agreement

An agreement amongst the shareholders of the company setting forth how the company should be operated and regulates shareholders' rights and obligations.

4. Appendices

Appendices to the finance documents will include: Articles of Association, Minutes of General Meeting, Minutes of Initial Board Meeting, Warranties, Rules of Procedure.