EU Legislation Takes Action Against Greenwashing

Published 6 January 2023

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Lately, EU has sharpened its focus on preventing greenwashing as well as strengthening the sustainability reporting requirements. One step, among others, is the recent passing of the CSRD. Another is a proposal published in March 2022 by the European Commission with amendments for the Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices (UCPD) as well as the Directive 2011/83/EU on Consumer Rights.

The proposed amendments to the EU consumer legislation aim towards a greener EU economy and focus on making it possible for consumers to make informed decisions. The hope is that this will promote a more sustainable consumption as well as prevent unfair commercial practices that might previously have mislead consumers to make less sustainable choices.

Focusing on the UCPD, this directive regulates unfair commercial practices in business-to-consumer transactions. It regulates misleading marketing in general and as such not environmental marketing specifically. However, the proposed amendments will put greater focus on this. The amendments shall help national authorities enforce rules within difficult areas such as misleading environmental claims and sustainability information tools. Further, the amendments will specify when commercial practices qualify as unfair with the purpose of increasing consumer protection.

Specifically, the proposal will add social and environmental impact, reparability and durability to the list of main product characteristics that commercial practices may not mislead about. Further, environmental claims not supported by objective and correct targets and commitments will be prohibited. The proposal will add new practices onto the existing list of prohibited, unfair commercial practices. Among new prohibited commercial practices is displaying sustainability labels which are not established by public authorities or based on certification schemes. Further, it should be prohibited to make generic environmental claims such as “green” and “carbon neutral” when it is not possible to demonstrate this excellent environmental performance or when clear specifications are not given on the same medium. Also, it should be prohibited to make environmental claims concerning the entire product when, in fact, the claim only applies to elements of the product. The European Parliament and Council are still processing the proposal from the European Commission. The proposal can be found here.

The issue of greenwashing and misleading marketing has also been addressed by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman. In 2021 the Consumer Ombudsman published a guide to companies on environmental marketing which can be accessed here. The purpose was to guide companies in their product description and marketing to prevent them from violating the Danish Marketing Act. In the same way as the abovementioned proposal, the guide also underlines that using product statements such as “green” and “sustainable” requires documentation. The guide is a shortened version of a more detailed guide on the use of environmental and ethical claims published in 2014.

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21 Mar 2023Taxation / VATUpdates

New countries have been added to the EU tax blacklist

On 14 February 2023, the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, the Marshall Islands, and the Russian Federation have been added to the EU tax blacklist by the EU Council.

14 Feb 2023Impact and ESGUpdates

New development in Green Deal Industrial Plan

On 9 February 2023, a summit was held in the European Council in which, among other things, a green industrial plan and other measures to secure EU’s competitiveness going forward were discussed.

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EU unveils plan for future Net-Zero Industry Act and European Sovereignty Fund

Recently, the EU Commission presented a plan for a Net-Zero Industry Act and a European Sovereignty Fund as part of a bigger Green Deal Industrial Plan. The initiatives shall be seen in connection with the European Green Deal and the goal of making EU climate neutral by 2050.

6 Dec 2021AIFsEuVECAUpdates

Danish FSA Clarifies New Pre-Marketing Rules

The pre-marketing rules provided by the Cross Border Directive was transposed into Danish law on 1 July 2021.

22 Oct 2021AIFsEuVECAUpdates

ESMA has Issued Guidelines on Marketing Communication

The guidelines apply to all marketing communication addressed to investors or potential investors for AIFs, including amongst others when they are set up as EuVECAs.

Cross-BorderESMAMarketingPre-MarketingVenture Capital
2 Sep 2021AIFsArticlesEuVECA

New Rules Preclude Sub-Threshold Fund Managers and Semi-Professional Investors from Pre-Marketing

On 1 July 2021, new rules governing pre-marketing activities of managers of alternative investment funds entered into force in Denmark. The new legislation incorporates the pre-marketing definition and requirements of the Cross-Border Directive into Danish law.

9 Aug 2021Corporate RegulationImpact and ESGUpdates

Commission Delays Application Date for the ESG Disclosure and Taxonomy Regulations

The Commission has postponed the date of application of the detailed regulatory technical standards (RTS) under the ESG Disclosure Regulation and the Taxonomy Regulation by six months from 1 January 2022 to 1 July 2022.

ComplianceCross-BorderDanish Regulation
6 Aug 2021Corporate RegulationImpact and ESGUpdates

Commission Clarifies Questions of Interpretation Regarding ESG Disclosures

The Commission has answered a number of questions from the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) regarding the ESG Disclosure Regulation.

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1 Jul 2021AIFsEuVECAUpdates

New Pre-Marketing Regime has been Transposed into Danish law

The new pre-marketing regime provided by the Cross-Border Directive has by 1 July 2021 been transposed into Danish law.

10 May 2021ArticlesInvestors Regulation

New Danish Act on Screening of Foreign Direct Investments

The new act on control of foreign direct investments (the “Act”) was adopted on 4th May 2021. The Act introduces a new framework for government screening of foreign investments and certain types of agreements with Danish companies.

ComplianceCross-BorderDanish Regulation
6 Nov 2020Taxation / VATUpdates

Ruling on Taxation of SAFE

On 23 October 2020, the Danish Tax Agency published a ruling from the Danish National Tax Board regarding taxation of a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) issuable by a US company.

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Pre-marketing of AIFs and EuVECA Funds

Following the recent amendments to the AIFM Directive (“AIFMD”) and the EuVECA Regulation, this article discusses the new rules on pre-marketing covering both AIF and EuVECA Funds.

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Council Approves Regulation on Cross-Border Distribution of AIFs

On 14 June 2019 the Council adopted the new regulation on facilitating cross-border distributions of AIFs.

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21 Jun 2019AIFsEuVECA

New Directive to Amend AIFMD has been Adopted

On 14 June 2019 the Council adopted the new directive amending i.a. the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

AIFMDCross-BorderMarketingPre-MarketingRetail InvestorsVenture Capital
23 May 2019AIFs

EU Parliament Approves Final Compromise to Amend AIFMD

Highlights include a definition of pre-marketing, rules on de-notification in countries with no investor interests and rules on facilities made available to retail investors.

AIFMDCross-BorderMarketingPre-MarketingRetail Investors
16 Apr 2019AIFsArticlesEuVECA

Cross-Border Distribution of Collective Investments Undertakings

On 16 April 2019, the European Parliament adopted the European Commission's initiatives to improve the efficiency of cross-border distribution of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and EuVECA funds by increasing transparency and harmonising diverging national rules.

AIFMDCross-BorderMarketingPre-MarketingRetail InvestorsVenture Capital
16 Apr 2019AIFsEuVECA

EU Parliament Approves Final Compromise on Proposed Regulation on Cross-Border Distribution of AIFs

The new regulation establishes uniform rules on i.a. fees and charges, and it amends the EuVECA regulation to include a pre-marketing definition.


Other updates

17 May 2023Impact and ESGUpdates

EU Commission answers questions on interpretation of SFDR

The EU Commission has published its answers to questions on the interpretation of SFDR. The questions were put forward by the ESAs in September 2022 in order to receive clarification within central aspects of SFDR.

Disclosure RequirementsSustainability
11 May 2023Impact and ESGUpdates

EU Commission answers questions on interpretation of SFDR

The EU Commission has published its answers to questions on the interpretation of SFDR. The questions were put forward by the ESAs in September 2022 in order to receive clarification within central aspects of SFDR.

Disclosure RequirementsSustainability
1 May 2023Impact and ESGUpdates

Consultation on the ESAs review of SFDR

The European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA) have earlier this month published a consultation paper in which they propose amendments to the Commission Delegated Regulation.

Disclosure RequirementsESMARegulatory Technical StandardsSustainability
28 Apr 2023Financial RegulationUpdates

New rules on more flexible fit & proper assessments adopted

On 18 April 2023, the Danish Parliament adopted the proposal to amend the financial regulation presented by the Danish Government, which includes amendments to the rules on fit & proper assessments.

Danish RegulationGovernance
27 Apr 2023Financial RegulationUpdates

MICA passes vote in the EU Parliament

On 20 April 2023, the EU parliament formally approved the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA), after being informally agreed to back in June 2022.

21 Apr 2023AIFsUpdates

New rules on severance pay to managers of AIFMs adopted

On 18 April 2023, the Danish Parliament has adopted the proposal to amend the Danish financial regulation, including the Danish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act.

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