Vækstfonden: Stable Investment Activity on the Danish Venture Market

Published 21 November 2022


In Q3 the amount invested in startups based in Denmark was DKK 1.8 billion, distributed among 29 companies, which is around the same level as the first two quarters where approximately DKK 2 billion was invested. The results for 2022 show a slowdown compared to the record high numbers in 2021, but given the circumstances the venture market is doing well, and we still saw three digit million investments in multiple companies such as Lunar, Onomondo and Monta in Q3.

Globally, the investment activity has shown a significant slowdown in Q3. For the European market, the slowdown is mainly due to stagnant activity in the larger markets, where the Swedish market is the only larger market with an increase in the amount invested compared to Q2 results. However, the most recent data from Q2 shows that valuations are sitting at the same level as 2021.

You’ll find the full analysis from Vækstfonden (in Danish) here.