New VC trends from Q1

Published 27 April 2023


New data from PitchBook show 5 overall trends in European VC:

  • VC funding is down in Q1: European deal value fell 32.1% quarter-over-quarter according to PitchBook data;
  • Late-stage companies still accounts for the largest share of VC deal value: 45.8% of Q1 deal value was in late-stage companies;
  • Non-traditional investors are pulling back: Venture investments made by corporate VCs, PE firms and sovereign wealth funds are on track to its lowest total deal value since 2018;
  • M&A dominates exits: 56.3% of all European VC-backed exits were M&A, as the number of IPO’s stayed low in Q1;
  • VC fund fundraising is down in Q1: European VC funds were in Q1 on track for the lowest annual figures raised since 2015, with only EUR 3.4b raised.

The full report on the European venture market in Q1 can be read here.

It should be noted that all numbers vary with each data provider having different data, and that as such, these statistics should be seen more as trends rather than as universal truths.