New Mazanti PULSE partner: Kaya Advisory

Published 15 March 2023


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and other political factors have rapidly become central to corporations’ operations across all industries. Staying aligned with geopolitical tensions, regulations, and the transition to sustainability is quickly becoming a top priority for executives, board members and investors. This shift presents both challenges and opportunities, as changing industrial policies and subsidies alter the competitive landscape and investment environment both domestically and in international markets.

ESG issues have become politically charged in global trade and industrial policies, making it vital for both businesses, financial institutions, and governments to understand the current ESG landscape and the frameworks driving it. This is especially true where the growing importance of ESG is met with resistance, particularly in certain parts of the US.

Kaya Partners was established to shed light on the complex political forces influencing the global green/energy transition and ESG. We provide custom analysis for companies facing ESG risks and those seeking to take advantage of the opportunities in the transition. Our strong network and analytical capabilities, deep understanding of policy and politics, and insight into procurement decision-makers enable us to provide strategic responses to sudden developments.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in emerging ESG reporting requirements and regulation in financial markets as well as in the latest wave of global industrial policy changes, triggered by the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s response to it.

At the crucial stage of developing an investment strategy, it is important to gain political insight and analysis of the ESG field to provide clarity on the rigor of various frameworks, compliance requirements, as well as insights on how the future frameworks and standards will change over short, medium, and long-term horizons. Kaya Partners are strongly positioned to provide a comprehensive understanding of this rapidly evolving and complex environment.