Interview: Rolf Kjærgaard, CEO of Vækstfonden, on The Danish Capital Ecosystem

Published 28 September 2020


We’re honored to introduce our next guest in our series of interviews as we’ve had the pleasure of visiting Rolf Kjærgaard, CEO of Vækstfonden (the Danish state’s investment fund). Rolf shares his wisdom and views on the Danish Capital Ecosystem and we discuss different topics such as his first year as CEO including COVID-19 and the relief packages, the strategy of Vækstfonden, Sustainable Impact vs. Financial Returns as well as the success of Dansk Vækstkapital – “Das Dänische Modell”. And we round up by asking for his thoughts on the biggest challenges and oppurtunities facing the ecosystem.

The interview is divided into the following topics – scroll down to watch it in full length or to watch a specific topic:

00:00 The First Year as CEO of Vækstfonden
04:41 Going Forward: The Strategy of Vækstfonden
06:37 Driving Sustainability: Sustainable Impact vs. Financial Returns
15:11 Dansk Vækstkapital: “Das Dänische Modell”
19:05 The Biggest Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Ecosystem