Interview: Joachim Sperling on Green Transition and Economic Perspectives Pre and Post Corona

Published 19 August 2020


We had a talk with Joachim Sperling, CEO of Axcelfuture. He shares his views on the market, its challenges and the opportunities. We discuss different topics such as the IPO market and Green Transition. But we couldn’t avoid the current crisis, so we asked for Joachim’s comments on the economic impact of COVID-19, the M&A market and future investments in hard-hit sectors.

The interview is divided into the following topics – scroll down to watch it in full length or further down to watch a specific topic:

0:32 Axcelfuture – Who, What and Why
04:00 The IPO Market
06:21 The Economic Impact of COVID-19
09:33 The Current M&A Market & Future Investments in Hard-Hit Sectors
12:30 Green Transition & Climate Goals – New Business Opportunities