ESG & Impact: Investment Process and Portfolio Management

Published 24 February 2021


Many investors (from business angels to mature stage investor) focus on how to develop and implement responsible investment practices specifically for their own organisation.

We aim to provide guidelines for those starting to implement ESG policies, as well as those wishing to develop their existing processes.

We believe it’s key for investors to first consider what they want to achieve as well as why and how (read our suggested steps for this process here). Once you’ve identified and adressed those steps, the next phase concerns having the ESG policies implemented in the individual investments. Below we’ve outlined our suggested approach to this for both LP’s and direct investments – including a suggested approach to scaling.

Our guidelines for LP’s are inspired by the internationally-recognised Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and our suggested guidelines for direct investments are inspired by Invest Europe’s ESG best practice guide.

Remember what stage you’re investing in!

Remember what stage you’re investing in!